One Good Day
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About Us

One Good Day is taking positive action towards

disadvantaged Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders.

We are a non profit organisation that is the outreach arm of Nulawala

Incorporated, and our team of workers are all voluntary.

Our prime goal is to take the kids out so they can have at the very least “one good day", with lots of fun and laughter in refreshing locations. We are committed to empowering Indigenous families to implement their desired community goals. This includes strengthening the communities level of activity to reach excellence in health and well being. Our ultimate goal is to have the community reach their own goals rather than have an organisations self developed program pushed on them. We have several facets to our outreach and one special activity has been the formation of the Mt Druitt Indigenous Choir which sang at forty venues in 2012, and to many thousands of people at the Dee Why Carols. We also provide food for around fifty families each week which is a tremendous encouragement for the families basic needs and the ongoing health and development of the kids. We are presently looking at the formation of a One Good Day Resource Centre which we are hoping to see staffed and eventually self sustained by the local community. We already have two different organisations who are donating books to help in the kids education. We are always having extensive communication with the elders and parents of the communities to ensure that they are happy with all our plans and activities.  Our teams view is that we are simply here to lend a helping hand to get the community started on good healthy programs and to be proud to take ownership of the programs in the future.
achieving the dream
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